The Winter Times

Posted: December 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

What most people think is that Winter is a break is REALLY what its name says.. a break ,but if you’re an overachieving student or a student that REALLY behind on work. Its really stressful. People like me who might be missing certain things seem to have their whole winter break set up to make up missed work. The thing with me is that, I don’t really believe in deadlines or last days until its right there in front of me. I guess that’s all part of the work rush. The feeling of absolute dread when you see the next day on the calendar says “Back to School”. Me, I dread it as much as the next person, yet it seems to be more of a good thing. It boosts my creativity leading me to create, write, or complete things in a way i never would.

In not saying that kids should do this…. or even adults for that matter. In some people this might be a BAD affect. This might cause some people to go into a high state of stress and their work might come out in unexpected ways. I don’t recommend this technique to even the most experienced adults. I don’t consider myself a superhuman or anything. Its just the way humans respond differently to timed activities. Psychology has proven this and even tested it. It all depends on the type of person you are.

So to all of the responsible people out there.. good job. You saved yourself from yet another winter break from a stress filled holiday. For the people out there that are trying to finish all thats missed.. Good Luck. I wish THE BEST and hope that you finish everything.

Something I want to achieve in life is to get a college degree, find a successful career, and have a house in Brazil’s Amazon. I know some of this sounds pretty hard to accomplish but I know that if I try hard all these things might come true. Sure some things might go wrong along the way and there might be some detours but I WILL accomplish all of the things. I have high hopes for myself. All of which are raised higher every time something doesn’t go as planned. A lot of the things I want to accomplish require a lot of devotion and preparation. I hope to accomplish all of this. Hopefully, I’ll I will work hard enough to actually do what I want.
` I want to get a college degree so that I’ll have a good education and a great opportunity to a great career. Hopefully I’ll get into a good college that offers great classes and sports. This way I cannot also get a great education but great opportunities to a great career. A college degree is important for me because I want a good life. A life people can admire. A life that is amazing BECAUSE I have a college degree. To me a college degree means everything.

My final wish is to have a house in the Amazon. I know it sounds pretty far-fetched but hey… we all have those hard to reach dreams. I want the house to be a great building. Economical and Eco-Friendly so that it does not greatly affect the nature around it. This is my dream. And I will fulfill these dreams.

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